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With the support of the ATAC Research Fund, TGen now houses the largest "frozen" Adrenocortical Carcinoma specific Tissue Bank in the world. At TGen, Dr. Demeure and Dr. Bussey are leading a team of investigators that are using the newest technologiesto identify genetic malfunctions and design new diagnostic tools for early detection of this deadly form of adrenal cancer. TGen has the supercomputing capabilities, world experts in cancer research and drug development, and state-of-the-art technology to design new drugs and bring them to the patient. Your contributions can help fund this important research.

Again, If you are diagnosed with cancer of the adrenal cortex, please consider helping us help others by donating part of your tumor for this important research project. There is no cost to you or to your physician or hospital. All cost of shipping and handling are underwritten by the ATAC Research Fund.
ACC Tissue Donation

The ACC Tumor Repository is pleased to announce that we can now accept tissue donations from patients under the age of 18.  As part of this change, we are operating under a new IRB-approved protocol.  Patients who have previously donated tissue and wish to donate again will need to sign a new consent form.  Please contact Dr. Bussey if you have questions.

Please Contact Dr. Bussey at 602-343-8817 or email for more details about donating your tumor for research.

Research Consent Form
Tumor  Sending Protocol
Minors Information Sheet


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